Vietnam Little Corner 3 (05-11-2017)

Vietnam Little Corner 3 (05-11-2017)

On november 5th 2017 the 3rd event 0f Vietnam Little Corner was held in Nieuwegein.

As you al have been able to read, tickets sale was an overwelming succes! Both sessions were sold out, days before the event!

The location we rented was much bigger then we were used to from former editions. Because of that wecould accomodate more guests per session, about 540 people have attended the event!

During the event some things went wrong unfortunately, for this we offer our sincere apologizes to our guests who experienced this. At possible future occassions we wil take these experiences into consideration and do our utmost to prevent these mistakes.

In general we received very positive reactions and offcourse we are happy for that.

Shortly you can read more about this event on , many beautyful pictures will be showed there.

We, organisers and team of volunteers are also very happy because this edition showed a positieve financial result.

Because of that we are able to donate € 1.886,68 to Stichting Hart voor Vietnam!
Beside that visitors donated € 154,05 in the donationbox of the foundation.
During preparations and after the event there were donations to the foundation by several people for the total amnount of €  962,-.

So, from different sources Stichting Hart voor Vietnam receives € 3.002,73.
This whole amount is directly of indirectly a result of organising the event.

We, as team are very happy with this and to be honets a bit proud to!

We want to thank everyone who has contributed to this event and the result, in what way so ever. Also on behalf of the children in Vietnam.

In future we wil need all support we can get to maintain and expand the succes of both Vietnam Little Corner as Stichting Hart voor Vietnam.

We hope we can count on all of you then!

Thank you very much!

Team Vietnam Little Corner 3

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