Ticket sales 3rd event of Vietnam Little Corner

Good morning to you all !

I feel so good, tickets sales for our 3rd event is going great!

More then 89% of the tickets for the 1st session are sold or reserved already.
I would not be surprised if this session will be sold out this weekend!

So if you want to be there and did not buy tickets yet, please hurry and buy your tickets here; http://vietnamlittlecorner.nl/nl/evenementen-kalender/

For the second session almost 83% of the tickets is sold, so there are a little more tickets left for this session.
But not to many!
So if you want to be there at the second session you also buy your tickets soon at; http://vietnamlittlecorner.nl/nl/evenementen-kalender/

We hope to see you all at the MeetingDistrict on november 5th !

Have a nice day.

Theo Vrijenhoek

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