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Vietnam Little Corner is an initiative of Lan Anh Hoàng, a vietnamese woman living in the Netherlands.

 Lan Anh wants to introduce the country she loves so much to as many people as possible. Therefore she wants to show them about the culture, the landscape and let them taste the delicious dishes from the Vietnamese kitchen. On this site you will find more and more information about that beautyful country, the people, the culture and don’t forget the authentic dishes. We hope you like this and that you will also start to love that country .
Or at least enjoy those delicious dishes regurarly.

Lan Anh and her husband Theo have organised a cosy and beautiful cultural and culinary event in november 2015 and october 2016  with a large group (about 45 people) of volunteers ! Many people enjoyed the delicious authentic dishes that were served, the typical Vietnames atmosphere created by the decoration of the hall, the clothes of the volunteers and not the least by the Vietnamese singers who performed.

kaart VietnamAt the page  about the event; 2015 Cultural and culinary event you can see and read a lot more about this event..

As you can read the net profit has been donated to the foundation Stichting Hart voor Vietnam. Visitors of the event have had the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere and the delicious food for a fair price and at the same time they have supported a good course.

During the entire year Lan Anh (always with the help of many others, of course) engaged activities that have the purpose to support the foundation. About these activities you can also read later on this website.

Recently we have started the preparations for the 3rd Cultural and culinary event of Vietnam Little Corner.
This event wil take place on november 5th 2017.
Tickets for both sessions are completely sold out, there is no room for more guests.
It really has no use to come if you do not have a ticket or reservation!

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This time the nett result will also be donated to Stichting Hart voor Vietnam
On the foundations website you will find more information about the foundation, the goals and what has been accomplished since the start.

Enjoy the wonderfull atmosphere, the dellicious food and help us to support Stichting Hart voor Vietnam  !