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*On september 14 th we have received € 250,- through our bankaccount from one of the customers of
Beautysalon De Orchidee meant as contribution of the logo-vlc-finalVietnam Little Corner 2016 event.
This donator has also donated last year and wishes to stay anonym0us, same as then.
We thank him from our heart, also in the name of the children who finally will benefit from this money finally.


*On september 15th we have received € 250,- through the bank
from Mrs. T.T. Tran from Rotterdam on behalf of the company
Vinaned, meant as a donation for the Vietnam Little Corner
2016 event.
We also thank Vinaned from our heart for this donation.

Vinaned connects The Netherlands and Vietnam through trading, investments and projects.
Vinaned verbindt Vietnam en Nederland met handel, investeringen en projecten.
Vinaned kết nối doanh nghiệp bằng các chương trình gặp gỡ, hội nghị và hợp tác tìm kiếm phát triển các cơ hội kinh doanh,
đầu tư giữa Hà Lan và Việt Nam trong và ngòai nước.

Print*On monday september 19th Lan Anh received € 500,- cash from one of her customers originating from the
Vietnamese community in the Netherlands.
This donation is directly meant for Stichting Hart voor Vietnam
This donator also wants to stau anonymous.
On behalf of the board of Hart voor Vietnam and all children whom we are supporting now or will be in the future, thank you very much.

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