BBQ and Crab Hunting Day in Zeeland of the Netherlands

Unlike the Vietnamese weather, the Dutch weather is usually moody and pretty much unpredictable. That is why Dutch people seem to love camping in the parks or going to the beaches to enjoy the best out of the sunny-time of summer. They love having BBQ while relaxing, catching up, or hanging out with their friends and family. Sounds wonderful, isn’t it?

Trust us, it is even more fun and interesting than it sounds. And that’s why we organized a BBQ event for our lovely Vietnamese community group. We had fun and shared so many stories and good laughs. The event was such a good time to tighten the bonds among families and also with new comers.

The best thing is that we have more people know about our Heart for Vietnam Foundation and our events. They have been giving us so much of support and encouragement. Though our BBQ event was self-financed with personal contributions, the participants decided to give our Foundation such generous donations, particularly:

Ms. Ánh:  €5,5

Ms. Trang: €3

Mrs. Trinh: €7

Mrs. Linh: €4

Mrs. Giang: €10

Mrs. Uyên & her family: €8

We have earned €37.5 in total, and all of the contributions go directly to our Foundation’s fund. On behalf of the sponsored children of the Heart for Vietnam Foundation, we would like to send you – our dear sponsors – many thanks, and our greatest gratitude to your sweet and kind acts.

Lastly, as requested by many participants, we hope to be able to organize this event once again next year, and eventually, make it our tradition for the summer.

Best regards,



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