2017 cultural and culinary event VLC3

On november 5th 2017 we will hold the 3rd event,
You can hardly have missed the news.

Further on on this page you will find even more information
about the event, the location and tickets.

We thought it would do no harm to explain oncemore why
Lan Anh and i (together with the large indispensable group
of volunteers) organise this event again.

Lan Anh loves her country, its culture, the people en last but not
least the delicious dishes (she loves to cook and is very good at it).
She wants as many people as possible to get acquainted with the
culture and the dishes of het motherland.

It would be most rewarding if you like it and get so curious that
you decide to go to Vietnam to experience this all in real life (again).

But at least we want to make you enjoy the delicious authentiek dishes (and more) during this event.

When you possible are in Vietnam u will ofcourse spend money and that is good for the country and the
people there.
The above is, in a nutshell, what it is all about.

Beside that we have founded Stichting Hart voor Vietnam. This foundation supports a number of poor
families on the countryside. By giving these families a modest monthly support we hope to achieve that
the children have to work less and are able to spend more time for there education.
Finally their family and later their own family will benefit from this.
We hope that they then will  contribute to their local community to develop further.

The net result of the VLC3 event will be donated to Stichting Hart voor Vietnam

And now the VLC3 event !

Underneath you can see the flyer we have distributed, on the right the delicious dishes.

Next to the delicious food there will ba authentic vietnamese music. People will perform traditional
dances and the colorfull dressen will also contribute to de good atmosphere.

Tickets for both sessions are completely sold out !

We hope to meet you there!

Lan Anh and Theo